Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Play Example - Downtime

Another request was to see how the mechanics of Downtime Activities work. There are a bunch of things you can do (including an option for an action that doesn't quite fit with the others) - they are basically the sorts of things that are important to your character but wouldn't involve the entire group. Examples include Crafting something, training a monster companion, building a reputation around town, and so forth.

Here's a brief example of how it goes:

The Scene

After a successful endeavor, the party returns to the town of Homble for a chance to relax. The players express a desire to rest there for at least a week, and Blue decides this justifies a session of Downtime.

  • Pink and Green’s characters have both suffered Injuries so they decide to take the Heal and Injury/Get Repaired Downtime Activity.
    • Mariah and Wumble get some well earned bed rest and their players wander off to the kitchen for a snack.
  • Yellow decides that their character has grown especially fond of a shopkeeper named Doa that the party met in the previous adventure. They attempt a Socialization Downtime Activity to see if a Social Bond can be formed.
    • Sha visits Doa’s potion shop each day of the week and makes small talk with him. While Yellow is a bit too shy to role-play any discussion directly, they let Blue know the sort of things they think Sha would want to talk about.
    • Yellow and Blue Roll the contest that Socialization calls for: Sha’s Aura versus Doa’s Grit. Yellow Rolls well under Sha’s Aura and Doa Fails - the young potion maker lets his guard down and has several lovely conversations with Sha.
    • Yellow marks down that Sha has a Social Bond with Doa and decides they’ve developed a relationship of “Mutual Interest”. They also note that Sha has a bonus Heart added to her heart total until the next time she has a session of Downtime.
  • Black has gotten interested in the various elemental dungeons scattered across the world and wants to travel to more of them. She decides that her character, Droop, is going to spend his downtime researching their location.
    • Fortunately for Droop, Homble has a small but fairly well stocked library. He has plenty of books and maps to study.
    • After Black declares her intent, Blue lets her know he will get back to her on what Droop finds. He needs to check his notes and fill in any blanks.
    • Black likes getting into character, so she and Blue roleplay a small interaction between Droop and Homble’s librarian.
    • A few days after the game session, Blue e-mails some notes on the elemental dungeons to Black. While it would have been fine to let her know at the beginning of the next session, he figures she’ll want to pitch hooks to the rest of the group right away.

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