Sunday, 13 November 2016

Where to talk about BREAK!!

Do you have questions or things you want to mention about BREAK!!? Of course you do! Naturally comments in this blog are welcome, but there are other spots too:

There is this thread on, this Discord Server and this handsome devil's Google Plus account.

When the monsters and sample adventure is done, I'm thinking of making a Facebook community and maybe a tumblr or Twitter account, so look forward to me fumbling around with those.


  1. How difficult will it be to convert other OSR-material (especially monsters) to your game?

    1. I actually have a little section on converting stuff!

      I don't think it'd be that hard; ultimately, it depends on how clear the fiction surrounding the monster is as you do have to eyeball some of it. Like a creature that turns living things to stone with it's spit is going to be easier to convert than something made specifically with Save Versus Paralysis in mind, if that makes sense.