Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Three Factoids (Second Scroll)


"The fish that never rots"
  • Just south of the grand city of Portia is a small fishing village that is quite famous for one of its residents - an enormous aquatic Deva that lives in the waters near the town. Powerful, old and mostly content, it protects the town from all danger and asks for nothing but a single fish in return. The only issue is that it is quite picky, and will study the offering for weeks at a time, guaranteeing that even a suitable meal will be rotting by the time it deigns to eat it. Fortunately, the town elders found a way to catch a fish that never rots, though it requires a trip to a dangerous undersea cave off the coast...


"The Kingdom of Shard"
  • The great Kingdom of Akenia was left devastated by the Third Cataclysm, its people orphaned by a war with a legend and abandoned by the retreating sun. Left alone in the darkness, they huddled around the great "Star Shards" - glowing pieces of the Sun Machine that had fallen to the ground after that final, devastating battle. They conglomerated and rebuilt in these odd facsimiles of the dawn, and the new confederacy of city states that rose from it was named "Shard" in honor of what had saved them.


"Shogun Seika - she who would unite all under the sky"
  • It is said that the Seven Holy Isles were always destined to be at war, and yet she rules three of them now. She, the daughter of a disgraced ronin, who rose to prominence by earning victory after victory from those who doubted, berated and looked down upon her. She, who struck down her ruler in an act of treachery that was cheered by the soldiers under her and the peasants freed from the yoke of a tyrant. If the Will of Heaven does not support her, she will simply make her own path - because truly, what is a few more lives crushed underfoot when the end result is a true and lasting peace?

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