Saturday, 18 July 2015

Languages of the Outer World

Grey needed these for "Trouble in Sprocket" so I was like hey, why not a blog post?

Low Speak
Created and woven into reality by God Kings who tired of addressing their subjects in different tongues, this language forces itself into the minds of all those who inhabit the Outer World. Most dislike speaking such an intrusive thing, thus its demeaning label. 

Bright Speech
The language of the sun and all things Light. Its sound is powerful and direct when spoken properly, with every sentence sounding like a decree.

Dark Tongue
Used the dead, forsaken and duplicitous. Dark Tongue is generally soft spoken and discrete, though it makes even horrors from beyond seem tempting.

Fade Song
The melodious tongue of those who dwell and sail between night and day. Famous for it's lengthy methods of explaining even the simplest of things.

Under Warble
The language of the Buried Kingdoms is more malleable than most; it is guttural but pleasant when spoken traditionally but humorous and rapid coming from Goblin dialects.

Dream Call
Perhaps the first language (perhaps not) this haunting speech is closest to Fade Song, save for that it resembles poetry rather than music. Elves, Fairies and the Unshaped use it in various meter.

High Akenian
The language of old Akenia, it now sees use primarily when researching ancient tomes and occasionally within esoteric magical societies. It is a flowery, valorous speech and often mourned by linguists around the world.

Gleysian Code
This language is compromised of simple one and two syllable words that relay information with alarming efficiency. It makes it surprisingly easy to translate via manual, much to the relief of Junkers the world over.

Creator's Script (Written only)
An odd series of glyphs found only in documents left by the Creator. Unterkin Sages agree that it is likely a cipher of sorts, rather than a true language. Some sort of enchantment makes it impossible to utter aloud, save for those of the Heretic Calling.

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