Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Humans - Three Great Empires

The 1st age belonged to the unshaped, the 2nd age to the Gods, and the 3rd to Humanity.

Three great Empires rose to prominence during this Aeon - while other nations came and went, it was these three that left the greatest mark, and it was with their destruction that the reign of humanity came to a close.

Often thought of as a sundered country of deceit and betrayal, Akenia was a terribly dangerous place filled with crazy zealots, dreadful monsters and a number of sublime places quite capable of killing you. However, none can deny the nations glittering achievements in architecture, the arts and pioneering advances in magitek.

The Dark Empire came to prominence primarily due to the use of strange magic, summoning and bio-sorcerous creations and grafts. Their empire is responsible for many of the strange and terrible creatures of the modern world. Also of note was that their ruling class were nearly always hommuculi, created by Dark Priests to be optimal rulers.

The Technocracy of Gley
Unlike its contemporaries, the people of Gley developed a contempt for magic based on philosophical views. Instead, they employed a form of pure technology that rivaled Akenian Magitech in potency.

(Just working out a 'styles' so I can be consistent when our adventurers discover a technorelic or a magitech artifact from one of these defunct societies)

REY - I cludged a few of your g+ comments and old posts for this. Happy to revise :-)

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