Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Antagonist Gallery, Part 1


Skeleman, Skelemaster, Skelemonarch
Bones of those whose ambitions were greater than their ability, the Skelemen still attempt the same schemes they did when alive. While somewhat hindered in such tasks by being dead and all, these spirited creatures still communicate with exaggerated gestures and writing.

They will occasionally attempt to tear the eyes and tongues from those they kill - it is said that grafting these things to their skulls grants them strange powers. Even more terrifying are those few that capture a living soul to empower themselves with unholy magic.


Mini-muck, Muck, Multi-muck
The primordial servants of the Unshaped are noxious, intelligent oozes. While loath to take a single form for long, each one has a strange face and frozen expression that tends to carry to whatever shape they take. These creatures are dull but truly sadistic, often employing slow and theatrical methods of slaying enemies.

Mucks are capable of fusing together to create a much stronger creature. Quarrelsome by nature, they do not often willingly combine with one another. More likely is that one of their number was willful enough to bully the others into the act.

Krieger Hund

Mange Pup, Mange Marauder
While these fierce canine humanoids come in many shapes and sizes, many adventurers will meet the Mange first. They are the outcasts of Hund society and often turn to banditry to make a living. While not entirely unsympathetic, they are more than capable of causing much more trouble than you'd expect.

An ancient prophecy popular among the Krieger Hunds makes mention of an insidious race of bipedal felines coming from the sky and bringing doom to the world. As a result, they have a near universal dislike of the Rai-Neko.

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