Friday, 26 December 2014

The Baddies

The NPC descriptions seemed popular, so I figured I'd do a few for the setting's big villainous players. These are the ones preped for "Negotiations have failed" situations.

"He stands straight, in spite of the great burden that seems to lay heavily upon his shoulders. Like the blade at his side, he is broad, unyielding and golden. His narrow glare catches you; you are but a speck in his eye, something that stands, however briefly, in the way of his glorious vision."

"Her body is a tight, tangled mass of inky tendrils wound into the vague shape of a woman. Her grey face is marred with sorrow, but otherwise lovely. She speaks to you in weeping tones..."


"...attacking the "children" was the wrong thing to do. Her form rapidly unbinds itself, her now unbridled mass striking at you like a thousand accusatory fingers lost in the darkness. Angry, screeching snarls assail your senses from all sides."

"Upon the silver throne is an unquantifiably beautiful figure. Long silvered hair frames an angular face and makes way to flowing white vestments. Upon delicate wrists are two chains, one golden and the other iron. The figure begins to write holy symbols into the air with long, delicate fingers as you fast approach."

"Behind her stoic mask is an incredible rage, only visible in her eyes. Her strong, rigid stance and dispassionate expression betray no emotion - even as her intent becomes obvious when a shimmering weapon forms in her hands."

"The youth's regal attire is unmarred, even among the filth here. His eyes are alight with joy when he see's you draw your weapon, and his cheerful commands are heeded by things awful and unseen shuffling about in the darkness."

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