Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Getting more comfortable (and quicker) with colour. Was originally thinking black and white interior art but might go wild. Could be useful for the infographics too (bonus/penalities etc)


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    1. Yeah, I'm just worried it's another design element to juggle/master but I think it will be worth it. Quite like the idea of colour coding the core books (maybe sections)

      Left off the the fairy, war mechanoid and immortal coz they on the other table as might be odd too duplicate them when we have a visual table style.

    2. Right, its fine when its just text, but I think it It'd be cumbersome coupled with the pictures.

      Color coding seems genuis to me.

  2. If you don't mind my well-intended nitpicking:
    * 10 and 12 are misspelled in the pictures
    * class descriptions didn't end in a full stop, race descriptions do
    * Quirk isn't capitalised in the bullet points
    * the last bullet point should end in a full stop
    * "Each Chart Corresponds" should be "Each chart corresponds"
    * without the actual list of Quirks I can't say much, but the difference between a Quirk and Trait is not clear from these few pages

  3. Quirk will have a visual table and starts on the next page which will make everything much clearer. I have a slight layout issue where I have a large amount of white space at the bottom of the right page (under the QUirk description) but it's not enough to put the first row of the Quirk Table on. I may shunt it over to the next page to keep them together.

    1. ...but maybe we can make the distinction clearer in the text too.

    2. E.g a Trait is a broad brush stroke in defining you character's core. Quirk is what makes them unique/special/different.

    3. So, a Trait is like a sort of concept or archetype (e.g. master thief, brave knight, or vengeful young noble), whereas a Quirk is a small and special thing that have mechanics not necessarily tied to the Aptitudes, right?

    4. That sums it up pretty nicely. I could add a little bulleted summary of each quality to the intro, maybe?

    5. Quality meaning; Trait, Calling, Quirk, etc

    6. Yes!!

      Would tie all the concepts together and give reader holistic view prior to reading the whole section!

      And I turn it into a nice flow chart :-)

    7. If your layout allows it, I personally would appreciate it (but again, with the examples provided that may be unnecessary).