Monday, 18 August 2014

Post Gencon Shout-Out post

Gencon was a blast. An informative, energizing one at that - I talked to a lot of great people and I through business cards at all of them in spite of that. Pretty much everyone I met was encouraging and fun; so I guess if there is a primary endorsement here it's that conventions can be a lot of fun.

I did get to peak at and play some fun games though, so why not talk about them a bit?

I unfortunately did not get to play Champions of Hara, but what I saw was very neat; its a sort of combination board game/rpg, with a board made up of hex cards. Game play looked very kinetic, and the setting was pretty bright and imaginative. New Leaf Media is responsible, so I'm linking their Facebook page and a web-comic based off of the game.

Arcatype was near and dear to my heart, with an art style that reminded me a bit of Digimon or Shin Megami Tensei, both of which I love. The actual game played a bit like the video games Master of Monsters or Vantage Masters, and was enjoyable. I managed to get lucky and beat the very patient man demoing the game! Anyway, here's their Facebook page.

I got to play a Ninja Salaryman with a cyborg arm in the japanese RPG, Shinobigami. He smoked a lot and earned the emnity of a delinquent Ninja Middle School kid and a wayward Ninja Raver. I feel like that should be endorsement enough, but in addition; it's fast, punchy and packs a lot of entertaining melodrama in a few hours. Kotodama Heavy Industries is going to translate and release it over here soon, so I'd watch that space.

3:16 Carnage in the Stars hardly needs any intro on my part, but I did get to play it for the first time and it was awesome.

Anyway, I have off today. So I'm going to jump right back into Break!! stuff. Probably should have a post on Experience and Ranking up today. 

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