Sunday, 20 July 2014

I want to hear from you!

My dear and supportive wife gave our little project a bit of a bump yesterday and either I'm delusional or I saw at least a bit of increased activity. Most of my interaction is on Google + , which has a fairly active gaming community, and this blog. I neglect most other social networks! This is mostly out of necessity; I'm a bit oblivious at times and can really only keep up with so much.

So, to those theoretical new people who may be reading this (or heck, even one of you golden oldies who may be hanging around still) if you have any questions, concerns, or things you'd like to say, please feel free to comment on this blog! Hell, comment on this entry! I try to answer each of them, even if I'm a bit slow.

Anyway, some game material so this isn't just a floating post; feast your eyes on one of the pack animals included in the Sword Saga Playtest;

Grubbish: Enormous, multi-legged and fat, grubbish are awkward but stable beasts. These doughy creatures originated in the Mana Wastes, having only migrated outwards very recently. They've gained a certain popularity with travelers in spite of their various quirks - Or possibly as a result of them!

Most Grubbish have an odd, mask like face on the front of their bodies. Some rare specimens have an unnervingly human-like one instead.

  • 3 Hearts, +0 Attack, Aptitudes ( Grit and Might = 10, All Other = 4)
  • Grubbish are rather dull creatures, and will obey their owner without question.
  • May graze or be fed, well just about anything organic, really. They can ingest refuse and other toxic material without harm, This extends to an immunity to all non-magical poisons and all radiation as well.

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