Sunday, 16 February 2014

Something of Substance

Sorry for the bit of radio silence this weekend - I've been out of town at a convention. This is always fun, but combined with my normal work schedule its a big drain on my energy. Everything I wrote earlier was a bit off and I'm not even sure this is quite up to snuff - but dammit I promised myself I'd update every week and I have half an hour to do that.

So my drive is full of mostly realized rules in very rough format. Grey has corralled me (as he is wont, the man is extremely good at focusing and organizing thoughts) and pointed out that there is enough here for something distinctly playable.

So here is my goal; I would like to get an initial play-test out to you guys soon. I'm sticking to my original estimate (around the end of march) to keep myself motivated and to prevent procrastinating. I encourage each of you to heckle me until then.

Anyway, this first packet will (tentatively) be called "Break!! - Sword Saga" and focus on basic, non-spell casting characters involved in the game. The planned content includes;

  • 3 Callings (Warrior, Specialist, Battle Princess)
  • 4 Character Species (Human, Chib, Tenebrate and Obake)
  • Aptitudes and Tasks
  • Combat Rules, including Stunts
  • Overland Travel
  • An over-view of the Wistful Dark, and sample starting area
  • A mini-bestiary for the above area
  • A whole bunch of other stuff I'm likely forgetting to mention but are still important
This should either increase or decrease my posting volume in the next couple of weeks, I'm hoping for the former.


  1. Chib is a species? This pleases me more than it should.

  2. We should prolly develop a feedback form so we can gather structured comments. So you will need to identify which elements of the rules you want specific input on.