Monday, 13 January 2014

Warrior concept page

Warrior - Those who live by the sword (or axe, pole-arm, gun, bow, fist, etc) are generally lateral thinkers and ruthlessly pragmatic. This carries over even when they aren't solving a problem with force; when faced with a situation they don't like, Warriors are likely to knock the game board over and make their own rules.

Not 100% happy with the combat bit.
Will be tricky to draw 10+ combat abilities and make them all distinct (but it will be fun).
Rey's also included some tricky progression charts to beautify too, not quite solved that yet.


  1. Sorry I keep making things that are so hard to prettify, but you do so well with it!

    Writing up the warrior stuff has been super fun, and I suspect I'm going to be just a jived about all the classes.

    1. Well I could do a 'nice' boring table, but just trying to think of a more interesting way of presenting the data. RPGS are full of tabulated information, making them visually interesting whilst enhancing reader comprehension is the objective.

      Been thinking about the character sheets and how to represent aptitude scores beyond just writing the number into a box. Was quite liking the idea of a progress type bar you colour in rather than a simple number so you get a kinda bar graph effect.

      Problem is to not let inventive data presentation make things less readable. Unfortunately 'boring' tables and lists are super efficient and hard to best.

    2. Always about that balance, huh?

      The progress bar could work easily, especially since there is a soft limit on how high Aptitudes go. On top of that, it eliminates a lot of the erasing and re-writing that wears on a character sheet over time.

      Also, I think they are sweet.

  2. I'm seeing a lot of interesting concepts pop up so I'm looking forward to its eventual release. In the meantime I'll keep enjoying the well represented artwork.