Friday, 10 January 2014

Living equipment

After receiving the Equipment & other considerations draft from Rey, which resulted in the post on armour, we got talking about other cool stuff players could spend their hard earned GP on... namely pets, steeds & retainers.

Next time you're in the market square pick up a house trained Owlcat, test drive a Scuttler or rent a Reluctant villager to assist in all your questing needs.

Dug out Rey's Secret Santacore from 2012 for the Steeds (already brilliantly illustrated by Scrap Princess)


  1. I've always loved followers/companions in RPGs. I can't wait to start fleshing these things out a bit more.

    I'm beginning to think lots of the things in the book are going to have an obligatory exclamation point...

    1. I think boosting your character with paid dungeon fodder is cool, as long as it doesn't become a draining resource management issue.

      Having retainers provide extra actions per round would also complement the tactical/stunt combat system Rey has alluded to, allowing players to cook up more interesting solutions.

      Additionally players with high Aura could command larger numbers or persuade more reluctant hirelings to perform task outside their job description, making the stat far more practical than old school Charisma.

  2. Laughed at the Scuttler pic, great image! Love your art style!