Thursday, 2 January 2014

Aptitudes - Page design tweaks

Added icons for checks, saves & contests (these are still draft!)
Introducing header illustrations to communicate general theme of section.
Will also look into icons for the aptitudes themselves, they could be nice on the character sheet.
Also Rey, I butchered your copy (just messing about... sorry)

Will need to develop a set of characters that can be used to communicate game concepts and mechanics. These 5 represent the aptitudes but need them to encompass the full range of races, traits, quirks & origins too. Will be fun watching them evolve as the rules mature.


  1. I like the check, save, and contest icons. Very clean, very clear.
    A bit disappointed that there are 4 male characters and only one female, and on top of that she is (stereotypically) boobtacular.

    RE: your other post today, I personally like the feel of 6x9 pages, even if you need more of them.

    1. Agree with you on illustration Charles!

      Was a bit lazy to draw an obvious battle princess type. The characters will definitely change over time, as I want them to truly reflect the interesting possibilities the game system allows for character creation, and no doubt they will move away from stereotypes. I've already given the Might guy a nearsighted quirk, might also change his gender! The Aura/Charisma guy might benefit from mankini armour too.

    2. I don't mind her, but I'm also privy to a lot of Grey's other sketches so I know the amount of variety within. I figure there should be characters of all styles running around in the book.

      My personal favorite thus far is one that looks like a grim version of Dora the Explorer.

      P.S - Grey, agreed. The aura guy should totally show off his abs.