Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Thoughts on Character Creation

Its my hope to post something to this blog every week. I know I'm not on an externally enforced schedule of any kind, but the fact that anyone has displayed interest in what's being done here is enough to make me want to keep at it. Besides, posting here will keep me thinking about where I am and pushing me to finish things in a reasonably timely manner.

For the last few days I've been really buried in the basics of character creation. This sort of thing is actually fairly hard for me to write; I usually start with bare bones stuff and build on it as people request various character types and options. While that works in a home game where you're playing with friends and family, its not always helpful when you're trying to write something for other people to use. On the other hand, throwing in a lot can bog down the process, and is especially bad in a game where it's fairly possible for your character to die in any given adventure.

What I'm trying to do with Break!! is make a system that allows you to have a fun and unique character in a couple minutes or so. This means several "Roll or Choose" tables, and bits that come from them that add some simple but interesting touches to your PC. Your character's Class and Rank will be the main arbiter of their abilities and potency, but hopefully the above stuff will make it feel like your fighter is different from the fighters before them.

I'm nearly done this part, and while it will likely need some tweaking afterwards - I have full confidence I'll hit the ground running and get the meat of the rules to paper in no time.

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