Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Production update

We have started putting the content for the first part of the book (Character generation) into an Indesign file. A major milestone! All effort now is about making this bit of the book real. Previous work was purely conceptual, was are essential for thrashing out design issues, but ultimately the work was disposable. 

We have linked Google Doc to Indesign with DocsFlow (which allows us to keep the content in sync, which is great, as there is a bit of flux.  It enables me to edit copy to fit the layouts in Indesign and copy the changes back to Rey's source files.

Hard to tell how long it will all take as we figure out process and tool up, but making it  'real' is definitely bringing some fresh momentum.

Icon development

Text as it comes in from google docs

After many hours... it gets formatted (provisional sketches inserted)

Very nearly there, but still issues to resolve

Also quickly sketching placeholder graphics, and 'linking' them to Indesign.


  1. Everything looks so good.
    The chib bucklers warm my heart!

  2. Good God, the production values. Very excited to see this.