Sunday, 20 March 2016

Honest Descriptions of the Outer World, Part Three: The Twilight Meridian

Part Two, The Blazing Garden

Part Three: The Twilight Meridian
Sail from the land of the rising sun to the land of the setting sun without missing a beat.

The Seven Sacred Isles
Chanbara Film Japan and Ninja Anime Japan fight to a Lotus Juice soundtrack.

Galvanus Archipelago
Crazy competitive trade empires in the Pacific with a lot of JRPG and Pirates of Dark Water stuff happening too. 

Night Haven 
Dark Stalkers and Revolutionary Girl Utena brainstorming a Castlevania map.

The Sunken Isles
An excuse for crazy high-tech underwater dungeons.

A lot like NieR, but with a lot of debris from 80's Sci-Fi Anime and Megaman games.


  1. I'm thinking the Galvanus Archipelago could have a victorian/industrial revolution element too.

    1. It may be a fun influence, especially combined with Filipino style fashion and architecture.