Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Other World

Dimensional strays are humans that have been plucked from Other World (a world remarkably similar to our own) and deposited in BREAK!!'s fantasy/tech setting.

The Strays are one of my favourite BREAK!! constructs. At one point I even suggested that PCs should ONLY be allowed to be dimensional strays (I still think that would be cool!)

Anyway, it figures that if humans can get sucked out of Other World the reverse can happen too... fantasy creatures can get drawn/summoned into a contemporary setting.

Visiting Other World creates TMNT-esque game opportunities:
  • PCs would need to conceal their exotic appearance (make-up, prosthetics, sunglasses...)
  • PCs could user their powers to fight crime, commit crime or tackle mysterious/sinister corporations.
  • Skelemonarchs (Lich types) might run shady crime syndicates or organisations with dubious business practices (planning a full blown skeleman invasion?).
  • PCs would get access to cool 80s tech like GameGal, Jogman, 3D glasses and skateboards.
  • Traversing dimensions is not temporally precise. PCs find themselves in Other World eras equivalent to our own Victorian/Edo/80s.
  • The Secret Service are on to all this dimension hopping and want to destroy/harness/exploit it. Special agents wield magical weapons and scientist are keen to perform their next extra-dimensional autopsy.
  • Returning Strays have a lot of explaining to do. "Hi mom, I'm home... and I bought some new friends"

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