Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Adventure layout

Thinking more about the Intro Adventure to be included in the core rulebook.
I have used (and mangled) the awesome Von Bottom’s Hoard to test out some layout concepts.

Big nod to Roger Giner-Sorolla and Kiel Chenier for their thoughts on dungeon maps and their usability at the table.

  • The map will be relied upon by the GM to draw basic architectural description (room dimensions, windows and exits)
  • Larger maps will broken down into smaller sections that enable the visible portion to sit next to room entries on double page spread (inspired by Kiel's painstaking module notes)
  • Quick reference pointers to connecting map sections (will also have an overall map to show how all the segments fit together)
  • Icons will used to indicate battlefield conditions (will also need some GM attention markers!)

Room entries
  • Room entries will be broken into info chunks and marked with an icon to provide at-a-glance clue to what the segment of text is about.
  • Eye icon - Short extract for first impression (including distinguishing visuals, sounds, smell, objects)
  • Magnifying glass icon -Extract for closer inspection (including insight checks and extra senses)
  • Gem icon - Extract for collectible objects.
  • Knight icon - Extract for encounters.
  • Alert triangle - Concealed exits/traps.
  • Mini monster stat blocks where needed.
  • Occasional pics!


  1. Looking at it now, I could probably get most of the room names on the actual map.
    Also use the gem and alert icons.
    Might get messy though, but maybe more usable?

    1. I think if you manage an unobtrusive font, getting the room names on the map itself would be a big help.