Sunday, 7 June 2015

Champions - "HA-HA!"

So a couple of months ago Break!! had something of a massive paradigm shift - I abandoned the idea of isolated Spell Paths and decided that specialized Callings with unique Abilities were the way to go for this game. I liked it because it meant every character type was packed full of flavor as well as options. There was no generic "wizard" that got stronger every time I decided I wanted to make a new sort of magic.

Of course, this rippled into the non-magic using Callings I'd already written up. They had been designed to cover a wide spectrum: The Warrior could be a berserker or an archer, the Specialist a pick pocket or blacksmith. This is all well and good when all your character types are broad like that, but frankly it made them seem really boring in comparison with the new caster types.

So after much consideration - and a bit of grousing - we opted to split those two generalized Callings in half to make four distinct ones. Rather than base them entirely within the mechanics, I figured it'd be more fun to build them around themes and play style.

So no longer are there Warriors and Specialists. Now there are Champions, Raiders, Factotums and Sneaks. Today I am going to talk about that first one.

Champions are all about the application of power and force. They are extremely lateral - if given the options of "over" or "under" they will choose "through". At their best they are brave stalwarts who stay their hand until absolutely necessary, at worst they are sadistic bullies who revel in their might.

  • Champions are the best fighters in Break!! - no one hits harder or better than they do.
  • Armor is awesome. So is not having Armor, if you wanna give that a go.
  • No weapons is beyond their ken! Buster Swords? No Sweat! Combo Weapons? Piece of Cake! Techno Relics? OK, they'll need a bit for that one.
  • Besides being masters of combat, Champions make great leaders, orators, and...butchers?
A few inspirations for the Champion from the realm of fiction: Guts from Berserk, Red Sonja from Gail Simone's run on the comic, Corum from The Chronicles of Corum, Caim from Drakengard.

I leave you with this relevant clip from Yotube.

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