Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Page design, adding visual flavour

I can over rationalise my designs, a consequence of always looking for the simplest/repeatable set of  layout rules. I generally regard this as best practice but.... Break!! is full of crazy flavour and am worried the minimalist approach is somehow inappropriate (although I tell myself the simplest vessel is the best container for any message!)

Hard to see at this size but changes include:

+ More than one accent colour
+ More than one font
+ Bolder header bars
+ Border design

Anyway, experimenting with (slightly) richer aesthetics. Are they more distracting and less functional? Can you tell the difference? Thoughts?

See original 'minimal' page design here (still like it!)


  1. Cross posting from G+: #1 is my favorite due to the visual pun, but they are all good.

  2. I like the colours in spice1, but I prefer the simpler border of spice2.

    1. I think I agree.

      I haven't really pushed the internal content of of the top design very hard (it's still quite minimal) this results in the cracked border overpowering the design a bit. Now I look at It again it feels like two designs jammed together. I could address my beefing up the rest of the page or as you suggest dialing back the border.

      I prolly kick this about a bit more over the course of the books development and take a view nearer the final stages.

  3. Yeah number 1 is goood. It is bold and clear. I don't find it too cluttered. I wouldn't of found 2 annoying or bad but comparing it to 1 , 1 is best