Monday, 29 September 2014

The Cavern of the Forgotten Song (Playtest Blurb)

Beyond the untainted water of Prism Falls lies a dark and dangerous cave. For many generations it was ignored, for it was clearly haunted by some terrible ghost of the old world. This fact was made clear by the strange song that echoes from within. Even the most foolish among the locals knew such a place was to be avoided.

Alas, the same can not be said of the most foolish of travelers...

Not three months have passed since a trio of wizards entered the Cavern in hopes of unearthing some dark secret. No advice could dissuade them, no warnings could clear the poisonous greed from their eyes. Now the song swells in volume, drawing innocents in and guiding horrors outward. Fearing the worst, adventurers from throughout the province and beyond form an alliance to enter the terrible place together.

Will they end the threat the Echoing Cavern? Perhaps unearth the power the Wizards sought? Or will they to vanish, like the others before them...?

Assemble, Vagrant Heroes!

A stalwart Tenebrate Warrior who tires of the suffering of his people, be it from their shadowed home or some strange phantom melody.

A compassionate Mechanoid Knight, awoken from a long slumber to find that her duties as a protector are not over, nor her strength obsolete.

A determined Chib Troubleshooter and his boon companion, who have decided that the big folk just aren't up to this daunting task and that the treasures within the cave are likely worth seeking.

A reckless Promethean Battle Caster, who seeks to undo the damage done by her former companions and test her own might against their wayward magics.

A strange girl from the Other World, whose heart born powers are mighty enough that her companions can easily forgive her unerring fixation on the "selfie."

And a mischievous little pixie who can't resist such an adventure, even if it does mean revealing themselves to both mortal and monster. (Portrait Forthcoming) 


  1. Ha! Can do a nice picture of Other World girl doing a selfie with a Lich King or slain enemy.

    1. Oh yes! The primary antagonist of the module is (spoiler)-

      -that multi-faced goop mage you had silhouetted prior, if you want a good bad guy example

    2. I think she should have the 'unstable' quirk. It's how she makes sense of things, carry on as normal, everything will be fine...

    3. I was thinking something like that, she's finally in a place where her slight rage issues pay off.