Friday, 19 September 2014

BEES!! (a magic spell)

Path: Verdant
Rank: 2nd
Tell: Magic users with this spell prepared tend to drag their z's out noticeably and somewhat obnoxiously. 

Flare (bee)

The caster summons a single bee that catapults towards a chosen target within thirty feet or so. Said insect flutters about and stings the victim mercilessly, saddling them with a Snag on all rolls in till the little pest is dealt with. Swatting one requires a successful attack against a Defense score of 14, which destroys it instantly.

Only one such bee may be summoned at any given time, but the caster may willing cancel this effect whenever they like or summon another if it is squashed.

The caster brings a swarm of buzzing menaces into the world and designates a target within their sight. The Swarm pursues the victim tirelessly and has a speed rating of Fast. The target loses a Heart on each round that the bees are able to catch or remain on them. The Caster must stay focused to direct the swarm, but may cancel this spell at any time. Otherwise, it remains in effect until one of the below circumstances comes to pass.
  • The Caster is hit and fails their check to maintain the spell, or the Caster loses track of the Target
  • The Swarm is hit with any attack that effects an area. This will destroy them instantly.
  • The Target dies or the Swarm is otherwise unable to pursue and attack them. Note that they can be surprisingly patient. Submersing oneself in liquid will generally result in the creatures hovering patiently nearby, waiting for their prey to emerge.

(A quick reminder/refresher on Break!! general and spell practices; a Path is a category of magic, Magic Users may Prepare a handful of spells a day, a Snag means you roll two dice and pick the least favorable result of the two, you may use a Flare effect as long as the spell is prepared, and a Burst effect is more potent but expends the spells energy when used, making it no longer prepared)

Credit goes to this guy who came up with the original version of the spell.

Should be posting a general rules reference sheet for y'all's approval soonish.

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