Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Our elves are different. Seriously!

Hey y'all - working hard on some revisions to our first version of character creation packet. Hopefully we can show it to you sooner than later. Also, I'm heading out to Gencon soon so give me a hollar if you'd like.

(Or don't, I mean, it's a free country)

I don't want to go silent on the blog though, so here's a few assorted bits on two of the "classic" species appearing in Break!!

Elves: After a couple hundreds years, Elves stopped lamenting the loss of their physically transient existence and started to enjoying the pleasures of permanent, ageless bodies. They also got incredibly bored of each other, so the current elvish diaspora is widely considered a boon by many of them.

You know what they aren't bored of? Things that aren't elf-like. In fact, many have shown quite an avid interest in the plump, muscular or generally robust. Though they still dislike the short. Too much like goblins, and having relations with the help is just tacky.

Dwarves: They are stuck in this endless battle with the goblins thanks to some empty promises by now absent gods, but they almost couldn't be happier about it. The goblins are just perfect for this sort of thing: they are easy to mush and come in massive waves with the most absurd plans and devices you can imagine. It's amazing how crazy it gets when one of those stratagems works!

In fact, without the war, there wouldn't be much at all for them to do. Dwarves are carved rather than born, so procreation isn't a part of their lives. Collecting materials is a priority, but a secondary one - you just never know when you need another dwarf. In fact, without fighting, all a dwarf has to look forward to is making things and drinking. Which usually leads to more fighting anyway.

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