Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dwarf Platoon Leader, Goblin Captain, Fodder.


  1. I really want to call the explosive the fodder has a "Knobby Bomb".

    "Why izzat called dat?"

    "Iz a bomb wit' knobs, moron."

    1. I'm starting to think that the 'rough-house' dwarves are the real aggressors here. Maybe the goblin hoard can be positioned as freedom/rebel fighters.

    2. In brief -
      Dwarves assisted the Creator in the making of the world. Upon his departure, he handed down a vague edict to their elders; "Have fun, keep the place tidy" in reference to their underground dwellings.

      Goblins were servants in Fae manors and provinces back when the world was still surrounded by primordial chaos stuff (think the movie Labyrinth), literally created when one of the High Fae thought "There ought to be someone to do this particular thing."

      When Regulus forced the High Fae into consistent shapes (Most of them became elves) they decided the goblins were sort of a drag and shoo'ed them off. It became popular to tell them that the underworld was the new "Gobhome" because elves weren't interested in the place and it kept the Goblins out of their perfect hair.

      So dwarves think they are acting as custodians and taking out a menace - may as well love your work.

      Goblins think they are protecting their new homes from angry beards and braids. Being that they were once, quite literally, figments of someone's imagination their methods of combat are unorthodox and of dubious efficiency.