Sunday, 5 January 2014

Armour types

Here's a concept layout for the equipment section of Break!!

I've extended the icon system I introduced on the Aptitudes page to distinguish key data on the Break!! character sheets (which I'll publish shortly). I can now use them in the rulebook when modifiers are related to core stats/actions to create a visual link.


  1. Someone else brought a fair Critique of the names; Bastion and Paragon don't intuitively describe which one is heavier, which I hadn't thought of prior.

    Maybe something like Assault and Sentinel? One suggests movement while the either a more stationary defense.

    1. Maybe at this point we should stick to super functional labels (light, medium, heavy, super heavy)? We can 'brand' them later, after a bit of hivemind/playtesting.

    2. I like Bastion quite a bit for an armor name although I wouldn't have pegged it for better than light armor. Skirmisher and Dreadnought are self-explanatory but intuitively I don't know whether Sentinel would be more armored than Bastion.

      Form vs Function I guess.