Thursday, 2 January 2014

A question of size

Was assuming Break!! would ultimately be a printable artifact, and that it would be a chunky manga sized tome (but I'm waiting for final content before any rational decision on format can be made)

What format do you guys prefer your RPGs in? Small or Big? Print or Digital?

Manga size

Pinched hand drawn map from the awesome Billiam Babble (hope you don't mind BB!)

Red book size


  1. A5/digest, please.

    Comfortable to read in the hand when printed, and also fits tablets well as a PDF with resizing.

    Also, it seems like manga-sized would fit the Break!! inspirations.

    1. That should read, "as a PDF without resizing."

    2. Would love to do something more interesting with digital rules. Lots of potential to meaningfully innovate beyond simple PDF!

    3. Agreed - There is a lot if potential there, especially considering how many people use them exclusively.

    4. Oh by all means. I'd love to see a well-made epub file, for sure.

      I would stay away from something more proprietary though, like a book-as-app, because the half-life of those things is crazy short.

  2. Guess I will go against the grain, and vote for Red Book size. More space to show off the images. Though the manga size does fit because of the art style being a bit manga like

  3. I also like manga or digest sized books, but if it's letter sized I'll print it out in half letter size and making little brown books.