Monday, 23 December 2013

Illustrating the might aptitude

Maybe this chunky character is too obvious to properly represent the Might aptitude. Rey even states in his copy that this attribute does not equate directly to muscularity and encompasses prowess too. So will maybe address that in future iterations.

Not sure we need the big illustration at the top either - it's not really adding much. So I need to make it more functional or possibly just use the example illustrations as they better describe what affect attribute has in the game.


  1. Yeah I'd do away with the big illustration, that might work for something like classes, but for attributes it ruins the flow, it's too big of a break. If it were me, I'd keep the previous "Choose Traits" page (with both a positive/negative illustration), keeping the explanations on that page, and after that have a two-page spread of examples in the same layout.

    Love the examples for Saves and Contests by the by.

    1. I'm being self indulgent at this stage :-)

      I definitely don't want to damage the usability of the book with unnecessary pics. I agree with your layout suggestion but really I should wait for more stable content from Rey before deciding a solution.

      I guess at this stage I'm just exploring the potential of a design system that will work for all content types utilised in the book. Like you say big illustrations might be used to emphasis new sections or core concepts, but used sparingly as visual landmarks.

    2. Hahaha you're both clearly pretty excited about this, you almost need to catch up to each other.

      Explore away, these little experiments are fun to watch. Honestly even if I never use it I'll probably buy this on sheer hotness alone.

    3. Yeah, it's a honeymoon period. It will not no doubt start to feel a lot more like work as we progress.

      Glad your enjoying observing, remember you're seeing this stuff at the same time as Rey. My posts will be more like a stream of creative consciousness rather than anything too considered but it's great to have your feedback. Keep it coming!

    4. I do agree with Logan, I just really like the big picture as well. Maybe we could use it in another spot?

    5. Well these are all throw away sketches really (not that my final artwork is any better)

      I want to do what works so happy to junk/redraw stuff. I probably wont be saying that a few months from now though!

      Thinking maybe core subsections have big the illustration. Maybe 5 characters that represent the individual aptitudes standing together in group shot?

      Also thinking it might be nice to develop some icons for things like check, saves and contests etc... to create a visual shorthand that aids navigation in for repeat reads.

    6. I like the group shot idea. You might be able to get little text boxes near each to describe the Aptitude they exemplify.

      The visual icons would be really cool, especially if we can incorporate them into the character sheets!